Companies Advertising during NFL games. 

Please be patient as we begin to compile our list. 

Below you can find some of the biggest offenders.

-Stand Up American 9/24/2017

Ford Motor Company was the top spender of last years post season. (Note: Taking a knee began during the 16-17 season)

Pepsi co. is the NFL's biggest sponsor.

What do we believe is anti-American?

We believe that taking a knee during the National Anthem or disrespecting our flag is considered anti-American. We do recognize that these are forms of our Constitution's most important and first amendment, freedom of speech. We believe everyone should have the right to express their opinions, however we also have the right to express ours by boycotting the companies that are sponsoring anti-American television and radio broadcasts.


It is a fact that the  first amendment does not protect an employee from being fired or reprimanded for voicing an opinion that is contradictory of his/her employer. The NFL has been the biggest anti-American offender as of late. They have not fined, fired, or reprimanded their players for their anti-American actions. It is time that we stand up for our country and we hit organizations such as the NFL in their pocketbooks until something is done. NFL players who are taking a knee during the anthem are dividing our country further and further apart.