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WHAT THE F#$@!!!!!.......... Kate Steinle's (Kate's Law) Murderer found not guilty of 1st de

Kate Steinle's last words were to her father, "Help me, Dad”. As a father with a daughter, this reading this has brought me to tears. It deeply saddens me, to know that there will be no justice for Kate Steinle.

Illegal alien Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, has been found not guilty of murder, manslaughter, or even assault with a deadly weapon. Zarate had illegally entered the U.S. a total of 6 times (deported 5 times) and had 7 prior felony convictions. We have to ask ourselves, what was he even doing in the United States and how are our borders this unsecure? The weapon that was used to kill Kate, was originally stolen from the vehicle of a federal agent. The defendant initially claimed, that he had found the weapon under the bench he was sitting on located on the pier, picked the weapon up, and was shooting at Sea lions in the middle of the day on a crowded pier. Zarate quickly changed his story during the trial, claiming that the weapon had fired on it's own when he picked it up, striking Kate. Remember, this was in the middle of the day with on a crowded pier with several witnesses, sources tell us that this was one of numerous story changes during the trial. The fact that Zarate was seen on surveillance video kicking the gun into the ocean, should have been proof enough that he was guilty. The Lawyer selected Jury from Commiefornia no doubt, used this trial as a means to attack Trump as well as America.

After the trial had ended, the defendants lawyer immediately made sure to politicize the court decision, attacking President Trump. This came as no shock, since the POTUS has been a proponent of Kate's law. This court decision (made in only 30 hours!) was no doubt an absolutely disgusting attack that the Lawyers and the stacked Jury made on our President and our country as an attempt to make a political statement.

We also have to ask, why on Earth do Sanctuary Cities still exist? How can an illegal immigrant with 7 felony convictions make it across our border 6 times? No matter what political beliefs you have; conservative or liberal, you must put them aside and realize that our country's borders must be secured.

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