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According to sources; the /r/politics subreddit was purchased for 2.8 million dollars in the months

(SUA) - An anonymous source from within the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, has confirmed claims that the Campaign had purchased the /r/politics subreddit for 2.8 million in order to push their political ideologies within the subreddit. Outside sources as well as ex-/r/politics mods have made claims in the past, that /r/politics mods were for sale and willing to help out the highest paying candidates, but those claims have yet to be proven......... until today. 

We reached out to the /r/politics mods for comment and received this as a response,

"We don't provide comment to journalists - we've seen the same bullshit on 4chan that everyone else has. No moderators have ever received payment for anything related to our volunteer moderation. Really like your website Also really like how it's registered under a domain proxy. Send /pol/ our regards."

 We also reached out to Reddit's CEO for comment and have not received a reply.

Updates to this article will come as soon as we gain some more insight into this developing story. 

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